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Quantitative palaeoclimatic reconstructions from lake sediments


QPALCLIM provides state-of-the-art research facilities and multidisciplinary training in a lively and active palaeoclimatic envirorunent. Students will be integrated into local, national and international research networks and will acquire training in : - field work and lake coring in high-latitude and high-altitude areas - geological and biological analyses of lake sediments - numerical and statistical techniques for analysing stratigraphical data . - transfer function methodology for quantitative palaeoclimatic reconstructions The training impact will be: - training in recent developments in Quaternary geology, palaeoecology, and statistics so that today's expertise is passed on to the next generation of researchers - training to help implement research related to EC and UN conventions on Climate Change and IPCC and to contribute to major international research agendas such as IGBP Past Global Changes PAGES PEPIII, LIMPACS, PALE, SCANTRAN, CLIVAR and PMIP projects.

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