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Atmospheric chemistry in the earth system : from regional pollution to global climate change


ACES aims the organisation of the Joint CACGP (International Commission for Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution) /IGAC ( International Global Atmospheric Chemistry) International Symposium in 2002. This is the largest, most important regular scientific event in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Change occurring every 4 years to: stimulate discussion; initiate and enhance international collaboration between scientists; provide fast exchange of knowledge and publication of innovative results of research on .the chemistry and composition of the global troposphere, the exchange of material between the atmosphere and the underlying surface and chemistry/ climate interactions". It has a strong training character; young researchers will be supported to participate. Hosted in Europe, the participation of European scientists to it and their involvement in the CACGP and IGAC active ties will be facilitated.

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Leoforos Knosou, Ampelokipi
71409 Iraklion