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Abrupt climate changes recorded over the european land mass : multi-proxy records of late-holocene climate variability in europe.


Novel proxy-climate research has shown that mires provide excellent data on abrupt climate change; these can integrate with complementary climate data from lakes to demonstrate the magnitude and rate of Holocene climatic variability, for use in climate modelling. Mires have diverse proxy-climate indicators, with direct coupling to atmosphere; robust, replicable records with decadal resolution; and circum-North Atlantic distribution. European mires and lakes yield integrated records of hydrological/ temperature changes, directly referable to climate (rather than to 'weather' events). This proposal will produce new high-resolution data; assess evidence for climate variability across Europe during the past 6000 yr; and provide detailed, multi-proxy analyses of abrupt climate changes and their effects. It is defined by development and refinement of proven techniques, innovative development of new biomolecular technologies; and dissemination to end-users. Its new data will inform EU policy.

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