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Centre of excellence "gliwice absolute dating methods"


Through the proposed project we intend to:
1. Increase the research potential of the GADAM Centre in fields of luminescence, radiocarbon and other physical dating methods, and their applications in environmental sciences, earth sciences and archaeology. We will achieve this by increasing networking with absolute dating centres and by twin relations with leading absolute dating laboratories in Europe;
2. Strengthen an integration of different scientific disciplines by organising a conference, workshops and interdisciplinary studies in applications of radioisotope and stable isotope methods for earth scientists and archaeologists;
3. Enlarge an existing computer database, with a public internet access, containing results of radiocarbon dating and create a new one containing luminescence dating results, and to maintain internet availability of both to general scientific society.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


2,Krzywoustego 2
44 100 Gliwice