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Centre of excellence in small scale atmospheric research


The mission of CESSAR is to participate in creating a sustainable environment through better understanding of atmospheric processes that affect global climate and through providing high-quality education in the area of atmospheric physics. The main goals of the proposed package are to stimulate new research initiatives within CESSAR and to most effectively utilise the expertise of CESSAR scientists within the European Research Area (ERA), through increased level of national and international collaboration. Seven specific objectives have been identified to significantly increase the value added by CESSAR and Polish atmospheric science research into ERA. The proposed package will broaden the base of young researchers in areas defined by key actions of the EESD Work Programme relevant to atmospheric and climate research. A contribution of 320 000 euro over a period of 3 years is requested to complete the work structured into 7 work packages.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Pasteura 7
02 093 Warszawa