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Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in small cetaceans in european waters : transport pathways and impact on reproduction (BIOCET)


This proposal aims to quantify and model the transport pathways and impact on reproduction of bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) by four species small cetaceans in European Atlantic waters. Following a 36-month work plan, a partnership 5 European countries will sample and analyse small cetaceans collected by standings networks. Females in good condition will provide samples for detailed individual studies while wider sampling and access to historical material will help quantity population parameters. Data will be collected on histopathology, age, reproduction, diet; POP and toxic element burdens. Reproductive success will be estimated from individual past-pregnancy indices and population pregnancy rates. Results will be synthesised to identify vulnerable populations and to produce simple empirical models of bioaccumulation in individuals from each population in relation to dietary inputs.

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