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Socio-economic impact of harmful algal blooms in european marine waters.


The increase of harmful algal blooms (HAB) in Europe in the past decades as a result of anthropogenic activities is of growing concern of the community. Effects on the ecosystem level are known to occur, but there are also direct or indirect on the health and edibility of wild and cultured fish and shellfish. The socio-economic impact of HAB events in Europe is poorly known, due to lack of a central administration of HAB events and accounting frameworks to translate these events into socio-economic measures. The current proposal aims at integrating existing knowledge on biological and geographical aspects of HABs and at improving the understanding and quantitative assessment of the socio-economic impacts of HABs in Europe. This will be achieved by an integrated action of a literature survey of the biological and geographical characteristics of blooms, and an analysis of their negative socio-economic effects during the past decade.

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