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Silicate and baltic sea ecosystem response


Regulation of rivers and eutrophication in river basins has largely reduced dissolved silicate (DSi) loads to the Baltic Sea, which is partly responsible for decreasing DSi stocks reported. Reductions in DSi stocks can also be influenced by enhanced deposition in Baltic sediments due to marine eutrophicaton. There are indications that the proportion of diatoms has decreased while flagellates have increased in the Baltic. Similar species shift as a consequence of reduced DSi loads due to damming and marine europhication with far reaching effects for coastal ecosystems are reported worldwide. This project aims to quantify the relative importance of reduced loads vs. marine eutrophicaton for decreasing DSi stocks and its possible ecological effects on phytoplankton assemblages. The proposed project is focussed on the Baltic Sea, where the DSi problem is easier to discern, but the results have general relevance.

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