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Optimised expert system for conducting environmental assessment of urban road traffic


This 3 yr project addresses the major problem of traffic congestion and air pollution (NOx, PM10, PM2.5) which diminishes the quality of life of the citizen and the environment. As European cities grow, road journeys and traffic congestion increase and PM10 and N0x often exceed European limit values. Current methods provide general solutions as they address smooth traffic flows and simple terrains, neither of which are applicable to major cities. Nor do they provide an integrated capability for identifying impact reduction options. OSCAR will not only result In new data (emissions and PMl0, 2.5) but also in new generation integrated traffic, emission and air pollution models for complex street geometries with hourly resolution. The optimised Expert System is based on latest advances but targeted at End Users to identify the most appropriate sustainable transport strategies to reduce urban road traffic and related pollution.

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