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Atlantic network of interdisciplinary moorings and timeseries for europe


It is proposed to improve European scattered and uncoordinated ocean observing infrastructure for repeat/time series measurements, in order to provide an initial network of sustained moored stations for ocean CO_2 and carbon cycle measurements in the eastern North Atlantic. Existing infrastructure is upgraded/replaced with autonomous, state-of-the-art moored equipment for relevant CO_2, physical and biological measurements, at three carefully chosen sites. Part of the data will be telemetered in real-time. The three stations are tightly coordinated with the approved European ocean CO_2 system along 4 commercial ship lines, and are an essential component of a North Atlantic carbon observing system. OceanCO_2/carbon observations are imperative for understanding, monitoring, and predicting the oceanic uptake of anthropogenicCO_2. The improved infrastructure will thus provide access to strategic data for climate research and mitigation to European researchers and policy makers. At the same time, the moored platforms will be open to outside enhancements with additional sensors. Future extension of the network with more stations is encouraged.

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