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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Joining of beo centre of exellence to european network of high mountain observatories.


The joining of BEO Centre to the Network of European High Mountain Environmental observatories and the upgrade of BEO Moussala telecommunication system will essentially increase its compatibility providing the complex environmental monitoring information in near time in INTERNET- The fields of future scientific collaborations between Observatories will be defined.
Direct results: 1) Extension and improvement of automatic meteorological station Vaisala towards to measure in real-time the main meteorological parameters: wind speed and direction; air pressure, air temperature, UV (A and B) intensity, humidity, precipitation and visual observing of clouds formation;
2) Development of technology and realization of 2 Cerenkov light mirrors with diameter 1,4m, f = 0,45m and reflection coefficient of the surface 0,75?0,05 in the frequency interval 0,300 - 0,600nm, what leads to essential improvement of the sensitivity of the existing Cerenkov light telescope;
3) Development and essential improvement of the telecommunication system up to 2.4GHz frequency what permits safe transmission of 2Mbit/sec (8Mbit/sec is optional) information in real-time from BEO network server direct to the INRNE network server and with Internet;
4) Improvement the BEO Moussala computer network with new modern server directly connected with new telecommunication system;
5) Official proposition of WMO for involvement of BEO Moussala in the GAW (Global Atmospheric Watch) Programme world network as a regional point;
6) Development (together with high mountain observatory (HMO) Zugspitze, Germany) EMONET project proposal "Infrastructural Improvement of the European Mountain Observation Network";
7) Invitation and accepted participation in ATPROMO project proposal devoted to the problem of networking on the interacted fields cosmic rays and atmospheric parameter studies;
8) Signing of Memorandum of understanding between HMO and by all participants in HIMONTONET workshop.

The main indirect results are: 9) Including of BEO Moussala in EURDEP network - European network for gamma background and radioactivity sending data in real and quasi real time;
10) Invitation and accepted participation in the Integrated VATICAN project proposal inside FP6, devoted to studies on the fields of atmospheric Physics and Chemistry;
11) Actualization and reactivation of national level of the project for development of early warning forest fires system.

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