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Background :

This project aims to adjust primary production systems in less favoured areas so that they preserve landscape environments, become sustainable in terms of socio-economics and aid development of rural communities. The research will be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, concentrating on vegetation biology, animal science and socio-economics.The major management tool which this project will address is the grazing ruminant. There is a lack of scientific and technical knowledge on which to base grazing management strategies where the primary aim is preservation or recreation of landscape environments.
The objective is : to investigate methods preserving landscape environments in the less favoured areas (LFAs) through modifications to grazing animal production systems.

Short description of the project :

There are 4 specific objectives (1) to define ecological management practices and indicators for the target areas (2) to integrate husbandry practices with sustainable landscape management (3) to assess the effects of changes in animal production systems on regional development, socio-economics and use of the landscape for amenity purposes and (4) to assess the potential of marketing both the environmental quality of the landscape and the quality of its animal products. Numerous tasks are described for the purposes of quantifying the interactions between livestock farming systems and landscape preservation. Throughout the project there is involvement of the groups which ultimately decide on what will be done namely the farmers, the local public and the policy makers. The benefits will be in the provision of appropriate technical and economic knowledge to the farmers who must manage the landscape and to policy makers who may have to devise subsidy support and other schemes for both the preservation of the landscape and the maintenance of rural communities.

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Scottish Agricultural College (SAC)
KA6 5HW Ayr
United Kingdom

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