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The objectives are :
To form a network of scientists and industrialists that are interested in the measurement and use of data on the physical properties of foods. To seek ways of making the network a continuous means of collecting reliable and useful data on physical properties of foods for inclusion in a newly created database.

The specific aims of the network are :

- to create a computerised database of physical properties of foods, accessible
particularly by the European food industry;
- to collect reliable and useful data on physical properties of foods for inclusion in
the database;
- to increase the involvement of the food industry in the project;
- to establish links between universities, publicly funded research institutes, the
food industry and others interested in the project;
- to seek ways of promoting and exploiting the database within and outside the EU;
- to explore the possibilities for further development of the database (generating
proposals for such development, seeking industrial and EU and national support).

Seven groups will be formed as follows :

- thermal,
- mechanical/(liquids and solids),
- sorption/diffusion,
- electrical,
- colour/optical,
- interaction between properties and industrial processing parameters,
- database creation, implementation in software and population with data.

Groups 1-6 will critically assess data from all available sources for inclusion in the database as well as produce new knowledge (own data, predictive equations, measurement methodology). Group 7 will implement the database as PC software that will be tailored for the needs of the food industry. The groups will interact by structured meetings and the production of joint publications. A vital part of the work will be to involve the food industry in the network and to seek support for the continuance of the database.

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