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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Improvements of tagging methods for stock assessment and research in fisheries


The objective of this CA project is improvement of the methodology of fish tagging techniques with emphasis on the application to fisheries research and stock assessment.

The justification for starting a CA proposal with these objectives is that although tagging experiments are among the oldest methods in fisheries research, some scientists disagree on the usefulness of conventional tagging experiments. In the opinion of some scientist these methods have many drawbacks because they are based on assumptions difficult to verify and there are various sources of uncertainty, which make the interpretation of the results difficult. Others have the opinion that by standardizing methods and doing research on the uncertainties and assumptions involved in tagging experiments, these methods can be improved and will become more useful in research and in stock assessment along with other assessment methods. To work towards this goal we have set up intermediate objectives.

The first one is a survey where information, such as the past, present and future use of tags and the opinion of researcher of reliability of tagging methods, is gathered from several important fisheries research institutes in Europe. Analysis of the results of this survey will be the tasks for workgroups which will discuss and then report on various ways to achieve improvements of the methodology and techniques of tagging.

The second most important activity of the CA is to facilitate information flow between laboratories and researchers by implementations of decentralized databank system on the World Wide Web. The knowledge of what has already been done and acquired during the CA project and the communication links developed will form the basis for recommendations on further research and standardization of methodology in this area.

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