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Forest policy issues imply a rising demand for information on socioeconomic effects of farm forestry enterprise. Going out from a regional data base and view, the effects of the European agricultural policy can be seen on a regional, national and also international level. Along with the ongoing attempts to modernise the existing forest accountancy networks or establish new ones in various countries, there is an urgent need for a synoptical analysis which could be best achieved by a Concerted Action at the Community level. The objectives of the proposed Concerted Action are: 1. to make the existing experiences and expertise on farm forestry accountancy data networks generally available.
2. to outline approaches for an international socioeconomic scheme of statistics on farm forestry taking into consideration the heterogeneity of enterprises as well as the diversity of the underlying legal, social and economical framework and the respective national goals in forest policy.
3. to develop a common methodological framework/guidelines for collecting socioeconomic data of farm forestry enterprises adaptable to different purposes and various conditions.
4. to identify the most essential research needs and prepare further research activities at the Community level on this subject.
The concertation is to rely heavily on contacts by fax, telephone and e-mail. At the level of task groups, communication will be mainly organised in terms of an e-mail network. In addition, the following three meetings among the participants will be arranged:
- Methodological issues of cost accountancy in European farm forest enterprises - Sampling schemes for socioeconomic studies in farm forestry
- Prospects of international statistics on socioeconomic situation of farm forestry After each meeting a report with a title similar to the theme of the seminar will be published.
The final product of the proposed concerted action is the
- Guidelines for establishing accountancy networks The duration of the action is 30 months.

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