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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Aggregation patterns of pelagic commercial fish species under different stock situations and their impact on exploitation and assessment


Extraction of school parameters. The objective is to extract school parameters from echo sounder echograms of historical acoustic surveys.

This consists in
(i) defining a list of school parameters significant for achieving the ecological objectives and
(ii) implementing protocols for the extraction of the school parameters adapted to the different acoustic surveys.

Standardisation. The objectives are
(i) analyse the sensitivity of school parameters to equipment settings,
(ii) analyse the sensitivity of school parameters to school depth,
(iii) propose new corrections for the length of school sections
(iv) propose a common echo integration threshold to be applied by all partners for replay of historical digital acoustic data and
(v) analyse the sensitivity of school parameters to protocols of extraction of school parameters from the acoustic data.

Specific surveys at sea.

The objective is to record
(i) for partner IEO: the influence of the day/night cycle on the aggregations and
(ii) for partner IMBC: the influence of the species composition.

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