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This proposal seeks support for the continuation of an on-going concerted action
funded for two years under the AIR programme (project AIR3-CT94-2299) with the
objective of disseminating the results of European Commission (EC) research
projects in the area of non-food use of agricultural raw materials.

This project will collect and collate lnformation relevant to the non-food agro-industrial research and
demonstration activities supported by the (EC) as well as that from other sources
and disseminate this information to a target audience (those to whom it would be
of particular benefit, especially SMEs) through a network of National Network
Leaders established in the Member States. This activity will continue to bring the
results of such projects from the AIR and FAIR programmes to the attention of
potential users as well as attract new participants to future programmes (Fifth
Framework) help avoid duplication between national funded work and EC funded
activities, as well as help identify areas where research is needed and provide
feedback to the Commission concerning the types of organisations involved in non
food and their activities and interests in terms of raw materials used or required,
products of present or potential market value and technologies used. Dissemination
will be both by post and fax (paper) and through the InterNet, by establishing a
dedicated web-page on the World Wide Web (WWW), and by periodic issue of
up-dated databases on CD-ROMs. A kick-off meeting and a number of workshops
covering specific issues will be organised.
One of the key objectives is to evaluate the relative merit of the alternative
dissemination routes: postal, fax, e-mail, web site, CD-ROM. This evaluation would
be carried out to define the cost/benefits of these methods as well as to establish
the rate at which the ability (facility, knowledge, interest, etc) to benefit from
modern IT technology is growing within various countries, as well as within various
sectors (small companies, large companies, research institutes, universities). This
aspect of the concerted action would also highlight technical barriers, such as
encoding/decoding software, in areas which have yet to be standardised. The main
target group is potential end users (including small to medium sized enterprises -
SMEs) that can utilise agricultural sources of raw materials. Other beneficiaries
include universities, research institutes and companies seeking research partners.
These include organisations related to fertilisers, fuels, bulk chemicals, fine
chemicals, biopolymers, etc as well as the feed, fabric and paper industries. The
information will also be disseminated to the media, common interest groups (trade
associations, farmers' unions, etc), government departments and policy-makers.

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