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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Improvement of sustainable phaseolus production in Europe for human consumption


Phaseolus (Phaseolus spp.), in spite of its agronomical, ecological and nutritional advantages, is still an underexploited crop in European agriculture. Although research is covered by several European groups, the so far limited possibilities for cooperation and the absence of a common overall goal - the strengthening of the position of Phaseolus in European agriculture - can be observed. Since most of the current problems in the EU concern all the different bean species and production purposes it was agreed during two preparatory meetings, to consider Phaseolus .spp in general, independent of the species and the final product.

* to analyze the potential and opportunities of Phaseolus beans for European agriculture
* to identify and describe the constraints preventing a wider distribution of Phaseolus beans in European agriculture
* to develop integrative strategies in order to improve the adaptation of Phaseolus beans to European growing conditions aiming at a sustainable producti For the development of integrative strategies PHASELIEU will focus on the following ISSUES:

* genetic resources: improvement of the management of genetic resources at European level (in cooperation with the European Cooperative Program/Genetic Resources - ECP/GR of IPGRI) and widening of the genetic basis of Phaseolus in Europe including interspecific hybridization
* transformation/regeneration: development of a widely applicable transformatio protocol for Phaseolus
* molecular markers: development of molecular markers for use in Phaseolus breeding
* breeding:
plant health (biotical and abiotical stress): improved non-chemical methods of crop protection
* quality: increased nutritional and organoleptic quality and improved cooking characteristics
* field trials: setting-up of an EU wide trial system for the testing of differ genetic material
* diversification: optimization of diversified farming systems incorporating improved Phaseolus beans
* cropping systems: optimization of different systems including monoculture and mixed cropping
* market: collation of orientated target information

The coordination of efforts and exchange of know-how regarding the objectives and issues above mentioned are to be achieved through the establishment of an EU wide network of experts in order to exchange and disseminate the knowledge and expertise regarding the issues concerned. This includes also the exchange of genetic material within the participating groups and other outside the network the arrangement of visits among the participating scientists in order to discuss specific problems and to exchange the know-how regarding new techniques including short visits to different laboratories for training of young scientists, and the organization of thematic workshops and group meetings, as open as possibl in order to discuss specific subjects, to develop an integrative strategy model and, on the basis of this model, to prepare follow-up research proposals to develope joint shared cost projects in Phaseolus improvement. Also the publication of progress reports, a mid-term review, the final report, scientific and technical articles, handbooks and catalogues, both as hardcopy version, electronic one in Internet and CD-ROM

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