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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Concerted Action: Promotion of common methods for economic assessment of EU fisheries.


To promote and strengthen research into fishery economics in the EU and to provide economic information required for effective fisheries management.

Specific objectives

1. An Annual Economic Report AER on selected fleet segments will be elaborated for review by STECF.
1.1 Continue report format established by the first Concerted Action.
1.2 Expand to new national fleet segments and include all EU Members States.
1.3 Develop and apply methods to allow analysis of EU-wide fisheries. ,

2. Annual economic interpretation of the ACFM advice will be prepared and submitted for review by STECF.
2.1 Continue report format established by the first Concerted Action.
2.2 Expand to new fleet segments.
2.3 Improve method for short term forecasting.


Annual economic report (AER) will be prepared with data collected in the various participating countries and put into the format developed in the document 'Economic performance of selected fleet segments in the EU' (Work. doc. Nr. 6 and 10 of the project 'Coordination of fisheries economics research'). The reliability of data and validity of estimates will be cross-checked with independent information from other sources, by consultations with experts or by other techniques (e.g. sensitivity analysis).

Procedure for the preparation of the AER:

- Data to be compiled from existing sources,.
- Estimates or proxies to be drawn from existing of cross-section or time-series, justifiable assumptions and/or expert judgement;,
- Estimates to be cross-checked with independent sources;
- Intensive communication by fax and e-mail;
- Report to be completed during a workshop.

An economic interpretation of the ACFM advice (EIAA), will be based on the method developed in the above mentioned project. The method will be gradually improved.
Procedure for the preparation of the EIAA:
- Data to be drawn from the AER;
- Estimates to be made and cross checked;
- Report to be completed through e-mail;
- Improvement of short term model;
- Workshops to serve for evaluation and improvements of future issues.

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