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Development of techniques for monitoring and control of human viral contamination of shellfish


Our main objectives are summarised in two headings
1. To establish procedures validated in the laboratories for the detection in shellfish of human viral pathogens and potential "viral indicators for adoption in this study. This objective will be achieved by:
a) Comparative evaluation of available methods for sample treatment and virus concentration.
b) Development of a semi quantitative analysis of the PCR test described for the detection of human viruses.
c) Optimisation of the quantification of bacteriophages indicators of faecal pollution. d) Validation of the final protocols in inter-laboratory studies.

2. To validate the selected protocols for virus detection tinder a variety of field conditions, producing data about the characteristics of the viral contamination in the studied bivalves and its relationship with the pollution indicator species. This study will address these various issues by:
a) Evaluation of the concentration of human viral pathogens and micro-organisms indicators of fiscal viral pollution ill shellfish under the variety of conditions of four geographically diverse EU member states over a eighteen months period.
b) Analysis of the results and evaluation of micro-organisms "index" of viral pollution


The presence of human pathogenic viruses and micro-organisms proposed as "index" of microbiological and specifically viral pollution in shellfish will be analysed by microbiological techniques and molecular biology methods. Their values will be evaluated applying statistical procedures and also their relationship with the values obtained from the environment (microbiological and physic-chemical measures in the seawater) and, when applied, with the depuration treatments.

The work proposed or reach the two objectives previously described is structured in two main tasks :
- Establishment of a procedure for the detection and quantification of viruses that contaminate shellfish.
- Validation of the established methods under field conditions. Analysis of the viral contamination of mussels and oysters over a 1,5 year period.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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