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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Fish quality labelling and monitoring.


The concerted action will bring together scientists from different disciplines from all regions in Europe in a coordinated multidisciplinary action, where representatives from the various parts of the fish processing chain (fishermen, port markets (auctions), processors, wholesalers, retailers) will be involved, in the development of common opinions, views and recommendations for fish quality labelling and monitoring.

Primary objectives

1. To stimulate a common opinion about fish quality labelling, to define quality labelling as a general term and to define specific quality labels.
To achieve this the views of different parts in the fish processing chain (fishermen, port markets (auctions), processors, wholesalers, retailers), scientists and consumers will be taken into account
2. To establish common views on the relevant factors that constitute fish quality in labelling schemes, including good manufacturing practice (GMP) and fish freshness.
3 . To establish a common view on the administration of fish quality labelling schemes, including the necessary monitoring and control of quality within the scheme and the accreditation of those schemes.
4. To evaluate the economic assessment of fish labelling costs and the willingness of the consumer to pay for it
5. To establish common views on appropriate reliable, rapid, inexpensive, non-destructive means of measuring fish quality.
6. To further develop, extend and implement the sensory method of fish freshness measurements,, particularly the quality index method (QIM) as the reference method.

Secondary objectives

1. To stimulate collaboration between the fish sector and research institutes within the fish quality area.
2. To stimulate exchange of scientists between the research institutes in order to promote knowledge transfer within the fish quality area
3. To disseminate results through networks and workshops
4. To promote scientific publications in the field in collaboration between the participants


In order to meet the objectives in the Concerted Action discussions will take place in the following three interrelated main areas:

- Fish quality labelling
- Fish quality monitoring by rapid instrumental methods
- Fish quality monitoring sensory methods (in particular Quality Index Method)

In general the tasks, related to the discussion topics mentioned in paragraph 2. 1. and 2.2 will be as follows in this Concerted Action:

- preparation and reporting national meetings,
- the preparation of documents for the European plenary meetings,
- participation in subgroups,
- making reviews,
- presentation of on going research,
- making work documents,
- dissemination of results by publications.

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