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Monitoring and regulation of marine aquaculture.


The project established a Register of Experts of persons with an interest in marine aquaculture, a biannual newsletter, a web site, a computerised bibliography and published three workshop proceedings and an extended report. A close knowledge of people, activities, state-of-the-art and future RTD priorities has been developed. This Concerted Action has promoted communication amongst the aquaculture community through the: -Establishment of a 'Register of Experts' of persons in Europe with an interest in marine aquaculture. -Production and distribution of "MARAQUA NEWS" (ISSN: 1466-2353) -Establishment and maintenance of a web site at -Compilation and completion of a computerised bibliography (BIMAQUE) containing over 6500 references relating to aspects of aquaculture and the environment -Organisation of three international workshops. Workshop 1 on the regulation and monitoring of aquaculture in Europe was held at the University of the Algarve, 6-8 September 1999. Workshop 2 on the implications of current and proposed International Directives and Conventions and National Initiatives was held at the Institute of Marine Biology, Crete, 20-22 March 2000. Workshop 3 on the derivation of scientific guidelines for BEP was held at Napier University, 28-31 August 2000. -Publication of three workshop proceedings. Workshop 1 proceedings were published as peer-reviewed papers in The Journal of Applied Ichthyology 16(4-5). Workshop 2 proceedings were published as a Scottish Executive Report (ISBN: 09532 838 5 2). Workshop 3 proceedings were submitted and accepted for publication as peer-reviewed papers in The Journal of Applied Ichthyology 17(4) -Publication of an extended report entitled "The Management of the Environmental Impacts of Marine Aquaculture" as a Scottish Executive Report (ISBN 0 9532838 8 7).