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Decommissioning costs for nuclear installations


In 1977, the Commission of the European Communities initiated a study to calculate the decommissioning cost for nuclear power plants (ref. EUR 5728d).

The main objective of this contract is to update the study taking into account the technical advances occurred since 1977 in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants as well as in the conditions and means to calculate the decommissioning costs. The study will focus on representative commercial German LWRs. Nevertheless, the calculation method is made in a form allowing comparison/extrapolation to the decommissioning costs of other EC nuclear installations.

The cost estimates are carried out for the German LWRs, Biblis A (PWR) and Brunsbüttel (BWR) taken as reference plants. For the calculations, the software programme STILLKO 2 (owned by the German VDEW) was used to obtain data relating to manpower, occupational radiation exposure, masses of material to be dismantled and radioactive waste generated. The results enable a direct comparison with those of the 1977 study and show the most important differences.
The costs for single items will be presented in a way that comparison with decommissioning costs from other EC countries may be possible.

The principal items of the work programme are:

1. Description of the boundary conditions for the decommissioning of LWRs with particular view to nuclear power plants in Germany.
2. Detailed technical description of decommissioning concepts for a BWR (referenced by nuclear power plant Biblis).
3. Calculation of the decommissioning costs for the concepts selected.
4. Comparability with costs of other EU decommissioning projects, either originating from real projects or estimated.

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