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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Optimization and supplementary research on the use of activated/ contaminated steel scrap in concrete


The objective of contract FI2D-0021 was to investigate the possibilities of reusing waste steel in concrete. Part of this research was a market survey, laboratory research on several concrete recipes and properties and an economical feasibility study.

One recipe gave remarkable results on mechanical properties. Also, the project has a good economical feasibility. Some companies in the Netherlands and abroad have shown interest in this matter.

The objective of the supplementary study will be to examine the reproducibility of laboratory research and to optimize the most promising recipe in a technical and economical way. Also, an extension of the laboratory research should give insight in the behaviour of concrete/steel mixes under a corrosive environment (air humidity >85% during 2-3 months). A desk research should give answers on two questions: the recycling possibilities of a concrete/steel scrap composite and the technical feasibility consequences including cost savings, avoiding the melting step for the recipes.

Recipe research and research on other properties

1. With 7 recipes selected out of the research items, tests will be carried out on compressive strength, flexural strength and processability
Starting from the basic recipe (100% sand replacement by steel granules), for the other 6 recipes the steel part (granules and Harex-fibres) will be varied in order to find the best mixture ratio gravel/steel granules/Harex fibres.
2. For 2 recipes selected from 1, additional tests will be done on the E-modulus, shrinkage and creep.
3. The extension of laboratory research will concern 4 recipes (2 tested in 2 and 2 reference recipes).
Tests will be carried out on: durability/leaching, behaviour in a humid environment and impact strength.

Desk research

1. A literature survey on available techniques and some interviews concerning the possibility of separating steel particles from concrete when the proposed composite has to be recycled in the future will be made.
2. The feasibility consequences using mechanical treated steel particles (avoiding the melting step) will be investigated.

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