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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Measurements of spatial distribution of contamination on concrete surfaces and build-up of dusts for the improvement of scenarios for material release


The objective of the supplementary research work is the development of a high resolution in-situ gamma spectrometer with a collimied "field of view". For reasons of the collimied geometry and the expectable limited horizontal extension of contaminations, advanced calibration and analysis techniques must be developed to calculate the radioactive inventory of a deeply contaminated surface.

On the one hand, the research builds up on the existing or just finished contracts (FI2D-0031, -0033, -0039, -0044 and -0055); on the other hand, it necessitates the knowledge acquired in, and active support of, these contracts for verification purposes.

At contaminated areas, conventional methods (eg taking samples, measuring the exposure rate) will be compared with the in-situ technique. The statistical significance of a collective of samples will be examined with the results of the "full-scale" in-situ measurements. Some selected higher contaminated samples will be analyzed for difficult-to-measured pure beta emitters (eg Ni-63). The economical sensible minimum detection limits for important nuclides of the in-situ system will be determined and compared with the different national release criteria.

Measurements and calculations with can improve the existing decontamination strategies in terms of reducing occupational doses or minimizing the volume of nuclear waste will be performed. These results will be used for recommendations for optimized decontamination strategies. The effects of the measurement results on radiological models and scenarios will be determined.

The testing of the prototype of a collimied in-situ spectrometer and the various measurements on building structures will be carried out in facilities which are being decommissioned (such as Gundremmingen KRB-A, Brennilis EL4 or Marcoule G2/G3).

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