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Content archived on 2024-04-16

TELEMAN 26 : simulation, planning and programming environment



The "TELEMAN 26 - SIMPLE" project was to concern the development of building blocks contributing to the ultimate development of an intelligent telerobotic gantry/manipulator system for use within a nuclear fuel processing or radioactive waste handling plant. This project was to relate specifically to the planning, programming, and simulation facilities for the telerobotic gantry/manipulator system to increase the system intelligence. It was to allow an easy and user oriented management of the telerobotic system.
Building blocks are being developed which will contribute to the ultimate development of an intelligent telerobotic gantry and manipulator system for use within a nuclear fuel processing or radioactive waste handling plant.

The prototype of an integrated programming and simulation system has been developed and tested in a telerobotic demonstrator work cell. It contains the TOPSY programming system which is closely coupled with the KISMET graphical simulation system. A simulation interface to a robot hand controller has also been designed. Another main achievement was an experimental study of the automatic generation of programs to monitor and control remote handling missions with knowledge based methods. During this study, the knowledge base for a typical repair task (autonomous opening of a bolted flange connection) has been generated. Another important product developed was the prototype of a generalized man machine interface for kinematically redundant telemanipulator systems with supporting stereographic scene presentation. Central emphasis was laid on improving the stereographic visualization, for instance by removing the ghosting effect.
The integrated programming and simulation system consists of two major components which can be marketed together or seperately. The exploitation will mainly be performed by KfK, and is based on licencing agreements with industrial partners. The use in other internal or external KfK projects is also foreseen. The simulation interface of the hand-controller will be part of AEA's product spectrum on advanced robotic systems. The stereographic interface will be used by Nuclear Electric for in-reactor manipulator control in maintenance operations in their nulcear plants. The building blocks developed in the project are also being developed further for integration into the TM48 INGRID robust gantry-mounted manipulator research machine project.
Work to be done

"TELEMAN 26 - SIMPLE" was to help to develop the off-line aspect of control by applying and modifying techniques known from robotics. Because the total system was to consist of many software and hardware components, standardised interfaces developed outside TELEMAN were also be used. Tools for task planning, off-line programming and simulation were to be developed to work on shared data such as geometric and kinematic descriptions or motion target points, taking account of the special requirements of teleoperation. The tool development was to make use of concepts or modules from areas outside telerobotics such as artificial intelligence and off-line programming of industrial robots. For maintenance tasks or after an accident, user-friendly programming facilities must be provided to allow an easy and quick generation of user programs for all cranes and robots belonging to the system. The basic concept was to integrate the different programming tools for cranes and manipulators, so that it would be possible to program a robot or a crane task (or both together) using the same tool.

Test strategy

The integrated program modules were to undergo testing of simulated user tasks.


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