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Experiment of Groundwater Flow in a Fracture for the Validation of Chemistry/Hydrodynamical Transport Coupled Models for Fractured Media


Experiments on flow in a fracture for the validation of coupled chemico-hydro-thermo-mechanical models in the fractured area

Author(s): GENTIER S (Groupe BRGM, Orléans (FR)), BARANGER P (Groupe BRGM, Orléans (FR)), BERTRAND L (Groupe BRGM, Orléans (FR)), POINCLOU C (Groupe BRGM, Orléans (FR)), ROUVREAU L (Groupe BRGM, Orléans (FR)), RISS J (Université de Bordeaux I, Talence (FR))
Published in: EUR 17123 FR (1996) 197pp., FS, ECU 36.50 (euroabstract 35/272), 1996, Page(s) 197, ISBN 92-827-8685-4