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Potentialities and costs of partition and transmutation of long-lived radionuclides


The purpose of this conceptual study is to analyze the different strategies of waste management aiming at reducing contents of long-lived radionuclides by partitioning and transmutation; technical ways and costs will be evaluated.

In a first step reference scenario will be defined ie to draw up an inventory of long-lived radionuclides produced by the European installed or foreseen reactors and estimate radiotoxicity of such nuclides.

In a second step will be estimated the expected decrease of radionuclides stockpile according to two main scenarii: first one using presently known or available technologies, second one taking into account all foreseen innovative technologies.
The purpose of this conceptual study is to analyze the different strategies of waste management aimed at reducing contents of long lived radionuclides by partitioning and transmutation. Technical methods and costs will also be evaluated.

The first step involves definition of a reference scenario. An inventory of the long-lived radionuclides produced by European reactors is made and an estimation of the radiotoxicity of such nuclides carried out. In the second step, an estimation of the expected decrease of the radionuclides stockpile will be made, according to two main scenarios: the first using known or available technologies, the second taking into account foreseen innovative technologies.

Detailed specification of scenarii to be studied, with 3 distinct phases, have been identified.
Work programme:

The various items of this program are the following:

- References scenarios: definition of involved reactors, evaluation of produced radionuclides and potential radiotoxicities

- Step one: available technologies: separation (processes, evaluation of efficiencies and costs) and transmutation in FBR and PWR

- Step two: foreseen technology: same items as for the available technologies

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