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Content archived on 2024-04-16

European Validation Exercise of GAS migration model through porous media


The EVEGAS project aims at the verification and validation of numerical codes suitable for simulating gas flow phenomenon in low permeability porous media.
Physical phenomena involved in gas generation and gas flow are numerous, often complex, and may not be very well described.
The existing numerical codes cannot represent all the occurring possible phenomena, but allow a good trade-off between simplicity and representativeness of such phenomena.
Two phase flow (Gas and Water) appear to be the most consequential phenomena in gas migration and pressure sizing.

The project is organised in three major steps:

1) A simple problem with analytical solutions
This is a necessary first step which allows assessing the accuracy of numerical solutions in function of given parameters. Such a quantitative evaluation of the numerical codes will be useful to interpret deviations that might occur in simulating more realistic test cases.
2) A few problems based on laboratory or in-situ experiments
Such tests will aim access to the following information:
- the accuracy of the numerical solutions (assuming the existing of good and representative experimental data).
3) A 3-D repository scenario involving the following aspects
- a repository design
- a source of gas
- rock characteristics
- fluid characteristics

Work programme:

The project is divided into five work packages (denoted WP), each of them involving one or several tasks.
The first work package (WP1) is dedicated to the analysis of selected numerical codes. Such analysis will be of paramount importance in describing test cases.
It includes examination of the problems that can be simulated and of the numerical schemes and solving methods used.
The next work packages (WP2, WP3, WP4) are related to the three levels of test cases. Each work package includes four tasks as follows:

- T1: general and detailed specification (GDS) of the test cases
- T2: general and detailed definition (GDD) of the test cases
- T3: simulation of the test cases by participants
- T4: analysis of results and reporting.

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