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Source term project (phase II)


Overall Strategy

A strategy for source term work within the European Union has been formulated based on the optimum use of facilities and resources.

Plant Assessment

Probabilistic safety assessments have been conducted for commercial plant to highlight the radionuclides and phenomena of greatest importance.

Primary Circuit Studies

Detailed sensitivity studies have been undertaken to highlight the phenomena that contribute most to uncertainties in the source term.

A series of state-of-the-art reviews have also been conducted to support the sensitivity studies, involving reviews of the following topics

(i) fission product release
(ii) aerosol deposition,
(iii) vapour reactions with surfaces and aerosols,
(iv) physical resuspension,
(v) revaporization.

Containment Studies

The main activity undertaken on containment-related issues involves an assessment of the models within iodine codes.

State-of-the-art reviews have also been conducted on two containment-related topics, namely:

(i) coupling of aerosol physics with thermal-hydraulics,
(ii) pool scrubbing.


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