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The development of new techniques for retrospective luminescence dosimetry


This project aims to develop new luminescence techniques to:
i) enable environmental materials such as mortar, concrete, silica brick and adobe brick to be used for retrospective dosimetry and
ii) extend the range of application of ceramic materials.

The new techniques will be applied to buildings in
i) the public domain, comprising populated settlements affected by radioactive fallout and also locations where illegal use of radiation sources is suspected and
ii) the work domain, comprising workplace and industrial locations to aid decommissioning procedures.

New techniques for ceramic materials will developed to determine
i) the cumulative external dose due to beta rays and low energy photons in the outer, layers of brick and tile in walls of buildings,
ii) the external gamma (and beta) dose in dental porcelain and
iii) external gamma dose in populated rural areas using porcelain insulators from power distribution lines.

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