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Training course on radioecological assessment and decision-making techniques for the management of contaminated freshwater ecosystems


A training course will be organised with the aim of presenting and discussing the basic principles for the management of freshwater environments contaminated with radionuclides. Countermeasures for reducing the radiological consequences may cause effects of ecological, economic and social nature. Therefore, an assessment of the global impact in essential to evaluate the suitability of any environmental intervention.

This requires:
a) models to predict radionuclide behaviour in the aquatic environment;
b) methodologies to assess the economic, social and ecological impacts.

These basic elements are incorporated in computerised Decision Support Systems (DSS) developed during previous Euratom framework programme, like the MOIRA system, that will be used for practical training during the course. Real case based exercises will be proposed and analysed during the practical sessions.

Methodologies and computerised DSSs for the management of freshwater environments contaminated with radionuclides have been developed during past decades in the frame of EC research programmes. Now, it is of paramount importance training technicians and environmental managers and also assessing the degree of satisfaction of potential end-users in order to improve the computerised DSSs.

The course is aimed at:
a)acquainting the participants about the most up-to-dated methodologies for assessing the effectiveness of countermeasures applied to freshwater systems;
b) disseminating information about the usage and the applicability of DSS for the optimal management of contaminated fresh water systems;
c)training the participants for the use and the application of the MOIRA DSS;
d)assessing the degree of satisfaction and acceptance of the MOIRA software systems by the course participants (potential users);
e)suggesting improvements of the MOIRA software systems on the basis of assessment d.


C/josé Gutiérrez Abascal 2
28006 Madrid