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13th SYMPOSIUM ON MICRODOSIMETRY. An Interdisciplinary Meeting on: Radiation Quality, Molecular Mechanisms, Cellular Effects and Health Consequences of Low Level Ionising radiation. 5th Intern. Workshop on Microbeam probes of Cellular radia


The aim of the project is to organise the 13th Symposium on Microdosimetry in Stresa, Italy (28 May - 1 June 2001). The symposium will provide a timely interdisciplinary forum for presentation and discussion of the many recent advances in microdosimetry, as well as the rapid associated developments in radiation chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, oncology and epidemiology.

The attention will be concentrated in topics related to understanding and modelling the multi-step process of radiation-induced cancer and to the quantification of low dose and low dose rate risk. A specific session and a Satellite workshop will be devoted to the achievements of the novel charged counted particle microbeam technique. The participation of more than 200 scientists from all the world is expected, including physicists, chemistries and biologists.

The main objective of the Symposium is to provide an essential forum for discussion of the knowledge gathered in many of traditional areas of the microdosimetry, but even more important to bring this field together with the recent advances in other related scientific disciplines, including molecular and cellular biology, radiation chemistry, oncology and epidemiology. Emphasis will be also paid to the achievements in modelling the multi-step process of radiation induced cancer and its application to epidemiological data, in particular for the better quantification of low dose and low dose rate risk.

A session of the Symposium and a Satellite meeting, that will precede, the Symposium, will be dedicated to the discussion of the scientific aspect of the data coming from the use of the novel counted charged microbeam techniques that mimic in vitro the single particle traversal effects relevant for the very low dose level experienced in particular by the general population.

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