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European master of science course in radiation biology


The European Master of Science course on the radiobiological basis of radiation protection has been developed over a period of 5 years. It is characterized by a joint and integrated action of five universities from five Member States. Its overall aim is to maintain and expand the expertise and competence within the European Union and other European countries in the radiobiological basis of radiation protection, to disseminate the latest results of national and Community research programmes to those who enter into the field and to produce experts with sufficient breadth of knowledge in all areas of classical and molecular radiation biology. Since no single institution in Europe could run such a course a cooperative action of several universities from different EU Member States has been developed for this purpose.

The objective of this project is to produce experts with comprehensive knowledge in all areas of radiation biology including molecular radiation genetics. The EU directives specifically demand efforts for improved training of radiation protection experts on all levels of expertise. National and international committees, boards and administrations have to interprete the existing rules and regulations in the light of progress in radiobiological research and adapt them to specific needs and situations. For this task, an adequate number of scientists are required in each Member State who have a broad understanding of the entire field of radiation biology.

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