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Telomeres and radiosensitivity of individuals


Risk estimate of radiation-induced cancer in human population is based on epidemiological data. Most extrapolations are limited by the lack of understanding of the mechanisms responsible for radiation carcinogenesis. The acquisition of knowledge on common genetic factors that might determine inter-individual differences in low dose cancer risk encounters similar limitations. During TELORAD Project, evidence is accumulating that telomeres may be involved in cellular and organismal responsesto IR. Mice lacking functional telomerase are radiosensitive. Ataxia telangiectasia, Fanconia patients are radiosensitive and show altered telomere maintenance. The major aim of TELOSENS consortiumis to work on a goal oriented project to be able to give a precise answer to the following question :ISTELOMERE HETEROGENEITY A PARAMETER OF INDIVIDUAL RADIOSENSITIVITY for short term effect?

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