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High temperature reactor eurocourse


The High Temperature Reactor Euro course (HTR-ECS) will be dealing with the education of students and young engineers. They will be given by experts several lectures addressing the distinctive features of HTRs in the major areas of nuclear science and technology: presentation of the former and actual HTR concepts, reactor physics, fuel, reactor dynamics, materials and technology, safety. The proposal is aimed at educating the European young generation in HTR science, whereas the last European experts, who developed this reactor technology in the past, are about to retire and their knowledge to vanish.
This proposal focuses specifically on education in the field of High Temperature Reactor science and technology, taking into account that the knowledge and large experience existing in Europe is going to vanish, when the last experts , who developed the technology, designed and built HTRs in Europe, retire in a few years or have already retired. Thus, the main objective of this proposal is to transmit this knowledge to the new generation of nuclear scientists and engineers, at critical moment when a renewed and increasing interest for HTRs is gaining the goodwill of nuclear industry worldwide, after a long period of limited activity.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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