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European Nuclear Decommissioning Training Facility


EUNDETRAF is a training course similar to the Euro-courses, with the objectives to centralise the European know-how and to transfer it to third parties. These two objectives meet the wish of the European Commission for centralising know-how and is also an answer to a high request of training. The proposal covers three years with the main objective to give a yearly course by European Decommissioning experts. The course exist out of a one week theoretical course and a two weak practical training. The theoretical part is for a broadaucience, the practical part is for selected persons. The training target group are owners, regulators and waste management agencies. Participation will be done by paying a training fee. In some cases, the participant can use support from other EC directorates to pay their contribution.

The main objectives of the project are as follows:
- To centralise and to keep up-to-date the European decommissioning know-how on an European level;
- To stimulate the transfer of knowledge to come to a global approach of the decommissioning problems;
- To strengthen the position of the European decommissioning industry on an international level;
- To transfer the existing know-how in an efficient way to those institutions or organisations who need the latest techniques in decommissioning.

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