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Further training courses for Rodos operators


The performance of training courses for RODOS operators is one important step forward in the ongoing process of introducing the RODOS system within Europe, in particular the EU and the accession countries, and in ensuring its operation by qualified personnel. Only with a detailed knowledge of the system' s functions, its capabilities and the results achievable, the RODOS system will become a valuable support tool within the national emergency arrangements. The complete set of the training material together with the RODOS documentation will be made available t o the countries operating RODOS now or in future. Guidelines for customising the training course and material will help perform national training courses for the continuing education of RODOS operators. The proposed two further training courses are a supplement to the four training courses held in the years 2000 to 2002.

A number of countries, both in East and West Europe, have taken the decision to install the RODOS system in future as decision support tool and for managing the off-site emergency response after nuclear accidents. Precondition for its successful implementation and application in emergency centres is the intensive training of people responsible for its operation. Only with a detailed knowledge of its functions, capabilities and the results achievable the RODOS system will become a valuable support tool within the national emergency arrangements. The overall objective of this proposal is to repeat in spring 2003 and 2004 the already existing and four times successfully held training course for operators of the RODOS system in emergency centres. In that way, those countries, where the system will be installed in the next years, will have the possibility to train their staff members for obtaining the necessary skills.

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