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European group for future advances in science and technology for nuclear engineering thermal hydraulics

Exploitable results

The EUROFASTNET concerted Action had three objectives: - Review of industrial needs in two-phase thermal-hydraulics. - State of the Art in two-phase thermal-hydraulics. - Proposals for future R&D in two-phase thermal-hydraulics. A review of industrial needs for at least the next decade was performed and a list of 44 needs was established. The needs correspond to issues for which the industry has answers today but for which further R&D work is necessary for providing more accurate and/or more reliable answers. This list covers not only safety problems but also problems related to new reactor designs, reactor performance and availability, reactor ageing and extension of life. The State of the Art covered the physical and numerical modelling in present system codes and component codes and also some recent attempts to develop two-phase CFD type codes and advanced numerics. The available tools for uncertainty evaluation were also reviewed. Proposals for future R&D in 2-phase thermal-hydraulics were made, based on the review of the needs and on the State of the Art. They address the physical modelling, the numerics, the experiments and the uncertainty evaluation.