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Concrete containment management using the Finite Element technique combined with in-situ Non-Destructive Testing of conformity with respect to design and construction quality


Safety-related concrete structures such as concrete containments are subject to ageing processes, which can reduce their safety as well as functional lifetime. Serious problems have also been known to occur to these structures due to defects caused at the construction stage. In order to establish the actual status of concrete containments it is necessary to apply investigative techniques that are capable of providing information about the internal structure and condition of the concrete and reinforcing. By using the Finite Element (FE) method it is possible to study the behaviour of concrete containments under various loading conditions and thus to identify critical sections. This information can then be used to plan non-destructive testing in order to obtain a more accurate description of the true nature of the structure at these points. Subsequently this new information can be used as input to the FE models to allow more realistic behavioural predictions. The model can be modified with time by repeating the investigative process at intervals. This process includes the use of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) to monitor changes in the chemical and physical properties of the concrete and if applicable to quantify deterioration processes. The condition assessment and ageing management of concrete containments will thus be based on realistic evaluations.

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