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Consensus on Reconstitution Techniques and Fracture Toughness Analysis of Charpy-Type Specimens


We propose to organise a Euro conference on the subject of reconstitution and fracture toughness to valorise the results of the FP-4 EU supported program RESQUE and REFEREE and other results in these fields. The three-day conference will be organised at SCK-CEN, Mol, Belgium and will involve broad international participation.

1. the first and the final announcement to be issued respectively in December 2000, February 2001.
2. the Euro-conference: May 2001

1. the Euro-conference will promote the acceptance and use of the "Recommendations for the Reconstitution of Non-Irradiated and Irradiated Charpy-size Specimens" of the EU-sponsored RESQUE-project

1. to disseminate the outcome of the successful RESQUE and REFEREE projects to abroad international audience consisting of research labs, industry and legislators
2. to assemble and show results from different reconstitution techniques not assessed in RESQUE: laser welding, upset butt welding and surface activated joining
3. to show how property-to-property correlations of irradiation-induced effects, studied in REFEREE, are affected by the materials of interest in Europe
4. to extend the present results to other materials and irradiation conditions
5. to involve interested GOS countries in order to demonstrate the potential of reconstitution for enlarging their data base for safety assessment of their pressure vessels and to include the effects of material on property-to-property correlations
6. to come towards consensus on open issues in the field of reconstitution of RPV materials (RESQUE) and their evaluation in terms of irradiation effects (REFEREE)

1. to organise a 3-day workshop at SCK-CEN to which we will invite a number of key experts in the field of reconstitution and fracture toughness testing. We think of experts that took part in RESQUE and REFEREE and that were responsible for specific tasks, and experts that are well known for using other reconstitution techniques that have not been treated in RESQUE and knowledgeable in the field of property-to-property correlations
2. to put forward the content of the workshop under the supervision of an organising committee (a plausible programme is given in part B). Besides the lectures ample time for discussion and conclusions will be foreseen
3. to prepare and present the lectures and to assemble them in workshop proceedings
4. to select a number of GOS experts that will be invited to the workshop (a request for 5 grants has been foreseen).


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