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17th international conference on structural mechanics in reactor technology


SMiRT 17 is organized by the Association of Mechanical Engineers of the Czech Republic (CAME) in co-operation with the Brno university of Technology and Czech Technical University Prague.

The purpose of this Grant is to gain financial means the CAME cannot provide for, to cover:
a) travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses of invited speakers from European countries (ECs);
b)participation of young scientists and postgraduate students from ECs at SMiRT17;
c)grant for conference fee and travel support of research workers and scientists from Universities and Research Institutes from Eastern European Countries;
d) support for the Local Committee to cover the expenditures of the European members of the IASMiRT sessions before and during the Conference.

About 300 to 350 participants from European Countries (450 to 600 from all over the world) will take part in the SMiRT 17 International Conference and 80% of them will publish the papers. Conference fees will cover the basic expenditures of the conference including the rental of the Conference Centre in Prague.
The income, however, will depend on the number of participants but it will not allow to cover fully the travel and subsistence expenses of European speakers invited to present their papers and to support young scientist and postgraduate students from European Countries for whom it is difficult to be sponsored. The assumed financial support will significantly enhance the scientific level of the Conference, transfer of technologies developed in the 5th framework programme and education of the European professional scientific community.


Brno University of Technology
Antoninska 1
60190 Brno