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Evaluation of alternative approaches for assessment of safety performance indicators for nuclear power plants


The objectives of the proposed Concerted Action (CA) project are:
1. To review the state-of-the art and the existing approaches to collection and reporting of safety Performance Indicators (PIs);
2. To Identify strengths and deficiencies of the existing practices in various countries;
3. To identify best practices relative to the needs of the regulators and the utility organisations;
4. To formulate the relationship between safety inspection and performance monitoring, as manifested the information obtained from Pis;
5. To identify future research needs as related to incorporation of the risk impact of organizational aspects on nuclear plant safety performance;
6. To develop a list of candidate methods and recommendations for future development and implementation guidelines.

The CA will look at the development of methods including quantitative indicators to help maintain and improve safety of NPPs. It will also be seeking methods that can be used in a risk-based system and environment, and it will exploit PSA techniques for the development and use of meaningful Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs). The CA activity includes participation from regulatories and operators; therefore, it is expected that the proposed CA action will stimulate and enhance the process of identifying best practices in the field of traditional SPIs, commensurate with specific needs of regulatory authorities and utilities, towards risk-based safety performance indicators, including the development of candidate methods and recommendations for future developments, and preparation of relevant implementation guidelines. The CA activity is expected to facilitate the transition to risk-informed and performance-based regulations in Europe.

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