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European expert network for the reduction of uncertainties in severe accident safety issues (EURSAFE)


PRESADA is a project aiming at the preservation, in a unique computer platform, of severe accident data used for the mitigation of severe accidents in existing and future reactors designs. It involves European partners who have produced a significant amount of data and have stored them in a variety of formats. The four main tasks are to assess the current practices for the preservation and maintenance of severe accident data, to identify the data access requirements for code developers and users, to formulate guidelines for the preservation and the access to the data, and to provide a demonstration package containing a selected set of data based on the existing STRESA structure already available to a web site. The project should be the embryo of a future integrated European Severe Accident database supported by a network of organizations working in the field.

The main objective of the PRESADA project is to propose a consolidated framework for the preservation of integral severe accident data used for the assessment of computer codes performance in nuclear reactor conditions. The European organizations working for Severe Accidents programs have already stored experimental data independently and in variety of forms and formats. In order not to loose these important data for the nuclear community, the PRESEDA project: should be the embryo of a future integrated European Severe Accident database supported by a Network of organizations working in this field. This database, accessible on the WEB, will be a powerful tool to assess the consequences and the possible countermeasures of mitigation of severe accidents for existing and future reactor designs.

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