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European Special Training Course on Corium


Corium is the mixture of molten materials that would be formed in the hypothetical case of a nuclear reactor severe accident. A special training course is proposed to disseminate the knowledge gained on corium behaviour thanks to national and community R&D in the recent years. The 5-day course programme is structured in 17 lectures covering the accident scenarios, Probalistic Risk Assessment and mitigation concepts, basic corium physico-chemistry and thermal-hydraulics, mechanistic models for the various in-vessel and ex-vessel corium configurations (corium formation, pools, vessel failure, corium water interactions, spreading, coolability, corium-concrete interactions), corium experimentation and scenario codes. Well-known experts, primarily from EU countries, would be charged of preparing and presenting the lectures. Finally, prototypic corium facilities will be visited.

The future of EU nuclear energy supply requires to maintain and develop the competence needed to ensure the safety of existing and future reactors. One of the key point is the requirement to cope with practically potential accidents, even those with the formation of corium. In the last years, national and Community R&D has been devoted to corium behaviour. This area is characterised by scientific and technical challenges due to the high temperatures, the large solidification ranges and the large span of time scales. The objectives of the proposed special training course will be to disseminate the competence gained during these R&D programs and to build a common comprehension of the coupled phenomena occurring during severe accidents. Experts from several European R&D, industry and utility teams will present the lectures.

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