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Benchmark tests and guidance on coupled processes for performance assessment of nuclear repositories


The purpose of the proposed work is to improve the ability to incorporate thermo - hydro-mechanical (THM) coupled processes into Performance Assessment modelling, This will be achieved by three benchmark modelling tests for: the near-fie ld, upscaling, and the far-field. Key THM processes will be included in the models. The first test will be on the resaturation of the buffer and interaction with the rock mass. The second test will determine how the upscaling process impacts on performance assessment measures. The third test will model the long-term evolution of a fractured rock mass in which a repository undergoes a glaciation- deglaciation cycle. A technical auditing capability will produce a transparent and traceable audit trail for the benchmark tests. The final deliverable will be a Guidance Document giving advice to EU Member States on how to incorporate THM processes into Performance Assessment.

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