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Testing of safety and performance indicators


Existing performance assessment studies for final repositories use only dose rates as indicators for the long-term safety. Additional information, however, could be gained from other indicators such as concentrations or release rates in specific parts of the disposal system. Those indicators are often called safety indicators, if they refer to the safety of the total disposal system and performance indicators, if they refer to the performance of subsystems. The proposed project intends to identify a number of different safety and performance indicators and to test their suitability for evaluating the long term performance of disposal systems. The mentioned work will be done by re-calculating different existing studies with different tools, which have to be slightly modified in order to calculate the indicators. The suitability of indicators will be tested by intercomparing the results as well as by comparing with reference values.
Modified performance assessment codes have been generated. All other usable outcome of the project is covered by the deliverables, mainly the Final Scientific Report. This is foremost the knowledge about the usefulness of specific indicators for safety and performance assessment purposes.

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