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International conference global 2001 on "back-end of the fuel cycle"


The title of the GLOBAL 2001 conference "Back-end of the fuel cycle: from research to solutions" reflects the aim of the meeting which is to provide an up to date progress status overview in that field.

Major topic is theme 1 "Fuel cycle and waste management", with a strong emphasis on scientific and technical contributions to theme 1.1 "Progress in high-level long-lived radioactive waste management", and including mediation and regulation processes in nuclear waste management.

Theme 2 "Advanced concepts" will deal with new reactors or fuel technologies which open perspectives significantly different to the present technologies.

Other topics are also of interest, particularly on theme 3 "Sustainability of nuclear power".

Overview on the organisation of the conference: GLOBAL 2001 will be organised in Paris on September 9th to 13th, 2001. Attendance at the meeting is expected to be more than 500 participants. The preparation of the scientific programme of the conference will be performed by an international scientific committee of 55 members chosen within the international scientific community. It will be in charge of the selection of abstracts submitted by the authors (around 300 contributed papers expected) and of the preparation of plenary and parallel sessions. A notification of acceptance resulting from the peer review will be sent to each author. Selected abstracts will be published in a "Book of Abstracts" distributed to the participants at the opening of the conference. Full-length papers will be published in the form of CD ROM available at the opening of the meeting. Information to the participants will be provided on the web site of the conference.

The organisation workplan of Global 2001 is based on the following main milestones:
- conference announcement and publication of the "call for abstracts": June 2000- deadline for reception of 1000 abstracts: January 15th, 2001
- notification of acceptance: March 15th, 2001
- publication of the preliminary programme: March 30th, 2001
- deadline for submission of the full length papers: April 30th 2001

The scope of Global 2001 is to provide an international review of the status and trends of research, applications and policies concerning the back-end of the fuel cycle, emphasizing high level wastes long term management, and advanced nuclear energy concepts. Important progress reviews on researches on the back-end of the fuel cycle and high-level waste management are presently performed in countries concerned with nuclear energy. GLOBAL 2001 will offer an excellent opportunity to share and discuss their conclusions within the international community.


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