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Collection and quantification of pharmaceuticals from biological samples using capillary electrophoresis


Capillary electrophoretic (CE) methods are increasingly finding applications within the area of pharmaceutical analysis.
CE allows to carry out high performance analysis and, what is more important, in a fast, cheap and clean way. However, an important drawback of CE is its problematic application to both quantitative and micropreparative analysis of compounds real samples.
The work presented in this project will be focused on the application of CE for quantitafication and collection of pharmaceuticals from biological samples. Thus, special attention will be paid to several parameters which can affect both the reproducibility of the quantitative analysis and the production ratio (i.e. quantity of collected analyte divided by time). These parameters include: capillary geometry and its dimensions, separation voltage, injected quantity and buffer choice, the use of standards (internal, external, standard addition) and the influence of the matrix's complexity. Next, the occurrence of pharmaceuticals in biological samples and their degradation and/or pharmacokinetic will be quantitatively monitored and the fractions of interest will be collected. Samples will obtained from the Clinic Hospital in Valladolid and from Glaxo S.A. (Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Spain).
Results expected can provide some valuable guidelines about CE as quantitative and micropreparative technique and on its application for determination and collection of pharmaceuticals from biological samples. These guidelines would help to establish CE as a primary technique in analytical laboratories. Also, they could be directly extrapolated to other areas where analytes use to occur in very complex matrixes (such as foods, environmental samples, beverages, etc). Moreover, these results could show the potential of this technique for sample preparation prior to mass spectrometry (MS) or MS-MS detection.

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RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Universidad de Valladolid
Prado De La Magdalena
47005 Valladolid

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