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Design and synthesis of self-assembled inorganic grid structures


The design of systems capable of self assembly into supramolecular architectures has become a realisable objective in recent research years. Double- and triple-helices, and multicomponent cylindrical assemblies have been constructed using specifically tailored chelating ligands and selected metal ions. Ligands favouring the assembly of multi- dimensional arrays have recently been designed, generating a new class of supramolecular structures that includes racks, ladders, and grids. The proposal described herein will center on the synthesis of ligands leading to the construction of rack and grid type assemblies using metal ions of octahedral binding geometry, and the investigation of their electrochemical and photochemical properties. Assemblies containing more than one type of metal ion and capable of photoinduced energy or electron transfer will also be prepared. The development of such structures is of relevance in view of the possible applications in the field of electroionic devices and information storage that may be derived.

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Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg 1
4,Rue Blaise Pascal 4
67000 Strasbourg

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